Center Stage Dance Studio - 2016
2013 Applause Opening
2013 Breath of Life
2013 Fashionista
2013 Lets Have a Kiki
2013 Footprints in the Sand
2013 Gypsies
2013 Jelly's Last Jam
2013 Jet Set
2013 Love and Darkness
2013 Papillions
2013 Riot Rythm
2013 Rock Your Soul
2013 Stomp to the Beat
2013 The Question
Over the Rooftops 2011 Opening
Locomotion 2011 (Sr Jazz)
Mr Banjo Man 2011 (Age 13 Tap)
Move 2011 (Age 10 Jazz)
Me and My Baby (Age 8 Tap)
Dance to the Music (Age 6/8 yr old Jazz)
Stars and Stripes (Age 10 Ballet)
Rendezvous (Age 13 Tap)
Sing, Sing, Sing (Advanced Tap)
Quidam (Sr Ballet)
Some Tell My Heart (Sr Lyrical)
Hocus Pocus
Crippled Bird (Jr Lyrical)
Fairy dance (8/10 Ballet)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Ballet)
Alice in Wonderland (Sr Modern)
White Houses (Jr Lyrical)
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