Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Dance Studio
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Only competition team members may participate in private instruction and/or competition.

Students chosen for private instruction are done so at the discretion of the Artistic Director and through Instructor recommendation. A private instruction number is both an honor and a privilege that must be earned by dedication, hard work, and consistency. To qualify for an invitation for a private, certain hourly and class requirements must also be met. Once invited, a parent must return a signed permission slip agreeing to the cost and time involved in an extra number.
Assignments of the type of private (Solo, Duet, Trio) a student will receive and the instructor of the private, will be chosen by the Artistic Director and senior members of the Instructor staff. Dance style and music for the private will be chosen by the assigned Instructor. That instructor will work with the student to pick a weekly time slot for the lesson that works for both individuals. It is important to maintain consistency in the dance lessons to do well at competition, so good attendance is a must.
Private Lessons
Only competition team members are eligible for private lessons. Eight (8) monthly payments run from November through June, and are determined by the type of private lesson (Solo, Duet, Trio). Private lesson tuition is IN ADDITION TO regular monthly tuition and does not count toward the family rate. Private lessons are priced out at the following rates for one 1/2 hour lesson per week:
  • SOLO - $100/month
  • DUET - $75/month (per student)
  • TRIO - $65/month (per student)

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